Vegan Tofu Zucchini Pesto

A light version of the traditional pesto sauce made with tofu, basil leaves, and zucchini.

Tofu pesto

Basil pesto is one of the best pasta sauces right? Surely one of the most popular in Italy and probably everywhere else.
It is not the easiest to digest according to my experience though. It’s pretty oily and heavy no matter who cooks it. This recipe substitutes much of the oil with raw tofu (not the silken tofu, the regular one) and adds something else like a chunk of zucchini (but you could also use green peas) to keep a good sauce thickness.

vegan pesto

Put tofu, basil leaves, a piece of zucchini, oil, and salt in the blender, mix, et voilà in 5 minutes you have a great sauce for your zoodles or noodles. It’s great as a bread spread too!

vegan pesto

Tofu & Basil Pesto

Five minutes creamy pesto, much lighter than the classic one.
Prep Time5 minutes
Course: Main Course, Sauce
Keyword: basil, pesto, sauce, tofu, vegan
Servings: 2 people


  • Blender


  • 1 cup basil leaves , (and their tender stems)
  • 100 g tofu
  • 1/2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 chunk zucchini
  • salt


  • Put everything in the mixer and blend until smooth.
    Use the sauce for noodles, zoodles or as a bread spread.


If you have a fairly good blender you could include the basil stems as well. For this recipe, I removed just the very hard ones and kept all the rest. 
The zucchini helps with the consistency and could be easily substituted with green peas or half an avocado. 

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