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Hi and welcome to Parsley & Cilantro

I’m Liliana and I am a food photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland.

This is my blog where I share my recipes with you.  

Here you’ll find easy vegetarian and plant-based recipes made with love + a lot of seeds & nuts, fruits & veggies, legumes & whole grains, seasonal & regional products, tofu & tempeh (which I am particularly fond of!)

Caramelized pears

I make an effort to live an environment-friendly lifestyle, but as a life-philosophy, I choose not to be strict with my rules. That’s the reason I consider myself a flexitarian, a vegetarian for sustainability reasons, who thinks it’s ok to make an exception from time to time.

I recently found this great quote by Anne-Marie Bonneau, from Zero-Waste Chef – “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. 
That’s such a nice philosophy that could apply to many fields for a better world. 

I experimented with being 100% vegan, vegetarian, zero-waste and many other ways of living, but later I always found out that moderation is the more viable option in the long run.  Every time I tried something new, I learned out of the experience and made a step forward to finding my balance for a sustainable lifestyle.

About Parsley and Cilantro, the different twins 

Parsley and cilantro look very similar but although belonging to the same family they taste very different. They are like non-identical twins! They both originate in the Mediterranean region. Cilantro is more common in Asia, South America, and Mexico while parsley in the Mediterranean area.
Cilantro seeds are commonly called coriander and have a different use in the kitchen than cilantro leaves.

They both represent my cooking style since I like to use herbs, and I equally enjoy Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.

I hope I’ll inspire you with my recipes. I’ll be glad to hear from you if I did.

Cauliflower soup

What kind of recipes you will mostly find on my blog 

  • quick and easy  
  • very shortly described 
  • low-cal  
  • vegetarian with enough proteins 
  • vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free

My favorite kitchen tools

  • pressure cooker 
  • veggie spiralizer 
  • high-speed blender 
  • a very sharp knife