Hi and welcome to Parsley & Cilantro

I’m Liliana and I am a food photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland.
I invite you to take a look at my portfolio at www.lilianalafranchi.com 

This is my blog where I share my recipes with you.  

I define myself as flexitarian which means that
I am a “part-time” vegetarian.  
For different reasons, I’ve decided to limit my meat intake and in the last two years, I cooked only vegetarian and vegan dishes. I might write some non-vegetarian recipes in the future, but for now, I am more interested in experimenting with ingredients other than meat or fish.  Since I am addicted to discovery and creativity this fits perfectly.  
That’s why, in my blog, you’ll find easy recipes with a lot of plant-based products like seitan, tofu, soymilk, and tempeh – of which I am a huge fan-.  I’m swiss which means I love cheese so definitely there will be a lot of cheese too.   

Vegan Pad Thai

I mostly use regional and seasonal products but as a life-philosophy, I choose not to be too strict with my rules and that’s the reason why I am a flexitarian instead of a vegetarian. I follow something like an 80/20 lifestyle since I believe that being inflexible is often unnecessary. 

Since I work out regularly, I try to include enough proteins in my diet and that’s why I also started to add natural plant-based protein powders to my recipes. My favorite ones are defatted dried-fruit-flour or seeds-flour like lupin, hemp, peanut, pumpkin and so on. Some of them taste great and are very versatile. 

I am a passionate but lazy cook so for none of my recipes you’ll need to spend an entire afternoon in the kitchen. I love reading long books, but I generally prefer to read short articles, so I’ll keep my recipes and blog texts very concise.   

One-Pot Thai Curry Soup
Apple and Cabbage Salad
Honey Roasted Walnuts and Hempseeds

About Parsley and Cilantro, the different twins 

Parsley and Cilantro look very similar but taste very different. Both are basic ingredients in many region’s cuisines: parsley in Mediterranean and cilantro in Asian, South American and Mexican cuisine. They both originated in the Mediterranean region and they belong to the same family. They’re kind of different twins!   

Why did I choose this name? Cilantro is not very used in Switzerland, where I live, and it’s mostly imported. Parsley fortunately it is, and I grow it myself. I might say, that they represent my cooking style because even though I make an effort to use regional products and be inspired by my culture I also like to experiment with exotic tastes and follow the trends.   

I hope I’ll inspire you with my recipes. I’ll be glad to hear from you if I did.  

Cauliflower soup

What kind of recipes you will mostly find on my blog 

  • quick and easy  
  • very shortly described 
  • with many vegetables 
  • low-cal  
  • vegetarian with enough proteins 

My favorite kitchen tools

  • pressure cooker 
  • veggie spiralizer 
  • high-speed blender 
  • a very sharp knife